getLTP() giving last_price which is more than 5-10 min old

utlsingh edited December 2017 in Java client
Hey all ,

Can anyone tell me how old data (i.e last_price) we get from getLTP() api call ?
I my case it's giving me data which is more than 10 min old .

How can i get data which is not more than 30sec old or get most recent last_price of any instrument ?

Please help me . Thanks in advance .
  • sujith
    The getLTP method retrieves data from Ticker API which is used on all our platforms.
    Can you let us know, how you concluded that the last price you received is 10 minutes old data?
  • utlsingh
    Hey @sujith

    I matched last_price fetched from getLTP and NSE on particular time . At anytime last_price fetched from getLTP and last_price on nse is different and that too much . getLTP fetching data which is more than 10 min old .

    Can you tell me some better api which can give me more recent data which is not more than 10-20 sec old .
  • sujith
    The last price on NSE website is not live and the time at which data was updated is also mentioned on the website.
    The last price might have gone up and come down to the same price or gone down and come up to the same price.
    Kite Connect's getLTP will give you latest price because the source for that data is Kite Ticker which will always give you the latest LTP.
    If you are not comfortable then you can use Kite Ticker.
  • venun
    venun edited December 2017
    Compare with kite.quote('NSE@utlsingh@u )['last_price'] always compare with terminal price not with NSE website
    mostly it is giving correct price
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