Tick Data not received or the sample code not working

We downloaded .NET client sample application, managed to login, but tickdata not received or code is not working,
Please help as soon as possible.
  • sujith
    You can check out .NET example.
  • pandithurai
    I use the same code.
    I get the error : The WebSocket protocol is not supported
    on this platform.

    My environment is WIndows 7, VS 2017
  • pandithurai
    Any help appreciated, Is Zerodha supporting ?
  • sujith
    sujith edited December 2017
    Websocket is not supported on Windows 7, you will have to use Windows 10.
  • MadanGoyal
    I am also facing exact same issue. Environment: Windows 7 SP1 and VS Express 2012. Coding is in VB.Net (not C#). Have used same way of coding Ticker class as in KiteConnect sample project. Everything about my program works well:- like Login, Placing order, Holdings, Orders, etc....except for live ticker data.

    After initiating a new instance of Ticker class in my code, when the execution reaches Ticker.connect(), it goes to onError Event Handler and gives the error "Error while connecting. Message: The WebSocket protocol is not supported on this platform."

    I just want to reconfirm whether this issue is because of Win7 or is there a way around?

  • tonystark
    @MadanGoyal Yes. It is an issue with Windows 7. WebSocket library comes with .Net framework is not supported in Windows 7 because Microsoft has ended its support.
  • Ramkrishna
    you can use Dotnet.Websocket nuget package
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