Multiple user support for APIs

I want multi-user login support for my APIs, can you please let me know email id for support team?
There is message on webpage without email-id being mentiond, not very helpful.

"By default, the API is restricted to a single Zerodha user ID. If you want multi-user login support, please e-mail us."
  • sujith
    Hi @Jayander,
    Kite Connect is by default only provided for personal use. The multi-user access is provided only for platforms.
  • QE9188
    so that means to crate anothe api app with different userid i need to purchase anothe api subscription?
    Can i not create multiple api app for different userids when all id belong to me and my family?
  • sujith
    Yes, you need multiple Kite Connect apps to use it with the different user id.
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