no of request to API

Hi how many Requests can send from api per sec and per min maximum
  • Vivek
    Vivek edited August 2021
    These are the current rate limits

    Quote API - 1r/s
    Order place API - 10r/s
    Historical API - 3r/s
    All other endpoints - 10r/s

    There is also a 200 order placement per minute limit by the API.

    There is also a cap on number of times an order can be modified and it is 25. Post that user has to cancel the order and place it again.

    Apart from this, Zerodha RMS has an account level limit of 3000 MIS orders per day and 2000 CO per day limit.
  • billapavi
    thanks vivek is there any limit for no of request in one minute
  • Vivek
    Ratelimits are based on seconds and not on minutes.
  • billapavi
    ok thanks we can close the thread
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