I am getting the following error :
ERROR:websocket:error from callback -bound method WebSocket._on_data of -kiteconnect.WebSocket object at 0x0000017F23A57208 --: An internal server error occurred

What could be causing that? I included only SBIN and PNB in my token list.
I am using a function to check the conditions precedent for placing the order. To know that the conditions have been met i am getting the message printed as well. But thereafter the error appears.
This is the order placement statement :
where AllInOne is a dictionary with tokens as key.
And this is the function definition:
def place_order(transaction_type,tradingsymbol,exchange,quantity,order_type="MARKET", product="NRML"):
ord_id = kite.order_place(transaction_type,tradingsymbol,exchange,quantity,
order_type="MARKET", product="NRML")

Please help me sort out this.
  • Vivek
    Is it happening regularly? We had a slight hiccup with few server instances last week so just wanted to confirm if its because of that.
  • RP3436
    @Vivek I tried few changes and kept trying and finally could place a market order( on 29thDec ). But is there any problem today in kiteconnect or web socket?
  • Vivek
    We haven't observed any downtime or issues today. Will check the logs for 29th dec for your orders.
  • Vivek
    Orders were rejected because you were sending transaction_type as MCX and exchange as SELL.
  • RP3436
    ok. Thanks for the help.
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