get a turn over of particular stock of 10 second

Hello ,
I am using a websocket for retrieving stock's current volume at the moment . i am using a quote mode for retriving the data. so i am comfused about a volume .

is volume is a total of buy and sell stock ?
if Yes then
how can i get a turn over of stock at the specific time.?
any one api or anyway to get turn over at the time.

turn over is a total money of buy / sell of particular instruments at the specific time not at the end of day
  • rakeshr
    rakeshr edited January 2018
    Volume shown in Quote mode, is total quantity traded for the day till time.There is no direct way to get turn-over value at any instant.You can try getting some near value, use Historical data APIs(go through this documentation) to fetch current 1 minute(or any time period) candle volume, and multiply it with average price of the candle( H+L+C/3 ), it should give you some near value.
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