What is the maximum number of instruments data can i get through web sockets ?


I am just curious to know what is the maximum number of instruments data can be retrieved through the web socket ? is it possible to get more than 100 instrument's data ?
  • sujith
    You can subscribe for up to 200 instruments with one websocket connection.
  • nknaveen328
    nknaveen328 edited January 2018
    Thank you. Now i noticed something when i passed certain instrument token the web socket is not able to respond. But when i checked zerodha kite. It was showing the changes there for the respective instrument. The instruments tokens are "632921" and "533278". Adani ports and Coal India respectively. But worked pretty well with instrument token 5633(ACC). May i know what causes the issue here ? for the instrument tokens 632291 and 533278 on_tick function is not even called.
  • sujith
    sujith edited January 2018
    Are you passing tokens as number or string?
  • sujith
    It shouldn't be enclosed in quotes.
  • nknaveen328
    The quotes here is to highlight. Its is passed as number only.
  • sujith
    Can you log the text message you are sending and paste it here?
    Are you sure you are not even receiving first tick for these instruments?
  • nknaveen328
    Yes I am sure it doesn't even give me first tick.

    Here is the what i am doing

    def on_connect(ws):
    # Subscribe to a list of instrument_tokens (RELIANCE and ACC here).
    ws.subscribe([5633]) // works
    ws.subscribe([533278]) //doesn't work
  • sujith
    You need to use instrument token for receiving ticks, you seem to be using exchange token.
    The correct instrument token for COALINDIA BSE is 136519172.
  • nknaveen328
    Thank you @sujith. Didn't notice so long.
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