More than one app for a single clientID


Just wanted to know if i can create more than one app for the same client so that orders and feed is completely separated from one another.

  • Vivek
    You can use same client id for multiple apps but when you fetch orders you will get all orders for that client id. To get around that you can make use of field called `tag` while placing order which will be returned in orders response and you can filter based on app.
  • hardik__
    hardik__ edited January 2018
    Hi Vivek,

    Thanks for the prompt reply,

    As of now i have not yet migrated to V3 so for V2 I am using getOrder call passing the orderId which i got back when i placed a fresh order.

    So I dont think it will be an issue right? Just confirming.
  • Vivek
    Yeah it shouldn't be an issue.
  • hardik__
    Cool Thanks
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