Do I need to download instrument list daily? Do you change instrument_token daily?

Does instrument list change every day? So that I need to update the list every day?
I believe instrument list will change only when there is an IPO or there is a delisting.

It is mentioned as below:
The instrument list API returns large amounts of data. It's best to request it once a day (ideally at around 08:30 AM) and store in a database at your end.
  • Kailash
    @harikongu We recommend you download it once every morning as exchanges republishes these files everyday and there may be expiries (weekly options, monthly futures and options), delistings, symbol/series changes etc.
  • harikongu
    I want to know about equity, will instrument id change every day or week/month? How can I follow the same scrip if it changes often?
    For example, I want to track INFY, How can I ensure that I am following the same company?
    How can I map instrument id if there is a change?
  • sujith
    We don't have control over that, it may change not change for a very long time but it is possible that it may change one day. I would suggest making a combination of exchange and tradingsymbol as a unique key.
    For example, NSE:INFY
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