Order Updates - Websockets - Kite3

Hello, I am using websockets to listen to updates for orders placed. It appears that only order completion / termination order updates are being sent. Updates such as order received, validation pending, open pending, open are not sent via this method. Is this a conscious design decision or is this going to be changed.

(using the official python client library for kite3 )

  • sujith
    It is a design decision. For order place succession, you will receive order id and that is the confirmation that order has gone through.
    You will only receive order updates when a trade happens on that or modification request is sent or a cancel request is sent.
  • abhishek01
    Ok, most cases seem handled, but the case when order has been successfully validated but is unable to open on the exchange (due to some system issue or even NSE issue) and is stuck in open pending state. In that case my code cannot distinguish between an open order and open pending order. What should be done then?
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