How WebSocket API works?

I was thinking that we will be getting all the ticks from WebSocket API. But I can understand it's not possible. Is it true that we can only be able to get only 3 ticks per second? If so, What if I subscribed to 500 symbols at a time? Will I be able to get all the symbols with changes?
I mean for every 0.3 seconds depth for all the 500 symbols are returned or how it will work? I need little more understanding of how WebSocket API works
I can able to get only message structure form the link:
  • sujith
    Hi @harikongu,
    There can be hundreds of ticks in a second at the exchange, it is not possible for any trading platform to stream all of this over the internet. Check out this this thread to know more.

    You can expect up to one tick per second for a highly liquid instrument. There won't be any difference in streaming 500 and 50 instruments from Kite Ticker perspective. It can be very heavy on the client application side.

    You need to listen to ticks on the main thread and do all your calculations on a worker thread. The idea is to never block the main thread which receives ticks.
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