Kite Connect 3.0 Jar vs Maven Dependency

Hey @sujith I am currently using the jar in the Distribution folder for the app. Can we use the Maven Dependency for the Kite3 Branch as would like to change the code for the Branch also. Also do you accept other contributors or maybe have another fork for this ?
  • sujith
    You can make changes to the repositories and we accept pull requests.
    But what changes do you want to make for maven?
    We have a couple of other changes in the list. We will upload it to maven after that.
  • hardikdesai
    @sujith : Any estimated timeline by when the Maven dependency will be ready? I am creating a project with Maven and want to proceed with the kite dependency included in my project.
  • sujith
    You can either add the jar file to your libs and use it or check out this thread.
    It might take a couple of weeks to release on maven.
  • phantomdrake
    Hey @sujith rather me changing the code would let you guys do it. Would definitely recommend to look at Project Lombok and let it generate the getters/setters/toString/ etc. Also currently the Exceptions are very generic and doesn't tell what happened and not being able to log the object (lack of toString()) makes it even more cumbersome!
  • sujith
    Kite Connect will through only one of the exceptions as mentioned here, the exact error message can be accessed like this kiteException.message
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