API or Formula for Net P&L Calculation

Dear Team,

I want the formula or structure that you use for the calculation of Net P&L on Brokerage site for intraday Equity.

For back testing this would be important to use
  • sujith
    You can go through this thread.
  • tahseen
    @sujith thanks but this API of Net P&L I understand but it is not post tax and STT and other things. I want the API or formula that you are using in the Brokerage Calculation Sheet. I want to arrive at Net P&L Post brokerage and taxes in my backtesting
  • sujith
    Hi @tahseen,
    A trading terminal will not be aware of taxes, brokerage, STT and other charges. It is handled by the backoffice. I am afraid, we can't provide it as of now.
  • tahseen
    Anyway, I found and calculated. We can close this thread
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