Question regarding kite v3

Is there any way where I can figure out if user's account is ported to v3 or not. The problem we have is we are using v1 and the users are also on v1 but if the migration happens from background then we don't know when to move from v1-->v3 and we may break our customers. Any pointers/suggestions?
  • sujith
    The migration is not based on user_id.
    Can you let us know which platform you are referring to?
  • sss
    Thanks for replying Sujith. We are very new and just using Zerodha for mutual funds trading (if that is what you're asking for platform). Could you give me more details about how the migration will be performed? or we can discuss in PM.
  • sujith
    As of now, we have a parallel setup, one is Kite Connect 1 and another one is Kite Connect 3.
    The request format is different for both of them. For instance, the authorization tokens were sent in body or query params in Kite Connect 1 whereas, in Kite Connect 3, you need to explicitly mention the version number as 3 and send authorization token in the request header.
    For more information, you can check out Kite Connect 3 documentation.

    The Kite Connect 1 setup will be deprecated out soon. You just need to make sure, you will migrate to Kite Connect 3 by then. We will announce the date on which we will kill Kite Connect 1.
  • sss
    Thanks Sujith! When you say parallel setup, does that means for any user your platform is supporting both the versions? Is it possible that I can just start using v3 for any user?
  • sujith
    yes, you can just start using Kite Connect 3 APIs. It is not bound to any account.
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