Token Invalid / Expired

nirmalthomas26 edited February 2018 in General
I have a Python Script which uses KiteConnect API to execute some trade based on a strategy for a user. After a request token is generated, the request token gets expired within the next 5 minutes. My application requires me to execute the Python script for a long period of time without manual login from the user. Is there a solution to work my way around this issue where the token gets expired?

NOTE:- I need the script to be continuously executed for a certain period of time without Manual Login from the user.
  • trade_then
    manual login is required only once in a day. Request token needs to be converted to Access token and, used for rest of the operations. userinfo = kite.GenerateSession( request_token, api_secret ) ; is how it is done in C# something similar must be there in python too. userinfo fields will have all the information you will need for rest of the day.

  • sujith
    Once you get access token, store it in preference or database and use it in subsequent runs. Make sure you don't call generateSession every time you run your script.
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