Stop Loss and Square Off Values are not correct

Hi @sujith ,

I am placing a bracket order from Java client. I am providing stop loss and square off values. The order is getting placed but the stop loss and square off values are different and not the ones which i have set. I am using KiteConnect 3.

double stopLoss = 85.5;
double target = 75.5;

OrderParams orderParams = new OrderParams();
orderParams.quantity = 1;
orderParams.orderType = Constants.ORDER_TYPE_LIMIT;
orderParams.price = lastTradedPrice;
orderParams.transactionType = "SELL";
orderParams.tradingsymbol = "SAIL";
orderParams.stoploss = stopLoss; = Constants.EXCHANGE_NSE;
orderParams.validity = Constants.VALIDITY_DAY;
orderParams.squareoff = target;
  • sujith
    The sqaureoff and stoploss values are given in points and not absolute values. Let us say, you placed an order at Rs 100 and you want to place target order at 103 then squareoff value is 3. If you wish to close position at Rs 98 then your stoploss value will be 2.
    If you give bigger values then your squareoff and stoploss values will sit at upper and lower circuit values.

    Also, make sure these values are a modulus of tick size as mentioned in instrument dump.
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