Trade Journal App

I am building Trade Log Journal realtime app for mobile and web , Only for Zerodha Clients.
It will be a simple Trade Log app, where users can share their Realtime Trade Logs across with friends/analysts for discussion. Also will be kind of Leader Board feature for top traders.Only Real Time Trade Logs will be captured.

Need clarification for below questions :-
1. To get Trade log data from registered users in the App, do i require to subscribe to Kite Connect API..?
2. Does all Zerodha Clients require their account Kite Trade API enabled to share his/her Real Time Trade log ..?
3. Sharing of Trade Log across does it require any Permissions [SEBI] or any..?

Also have some more interesting features for this App , Anyone interested to join/help development of this APP , ping me in whatsapp @7338149567.


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