Problem with Placing Orders with Kite.Publisher

I have created a HTML Code for placing orders with Kite.Publisher. I am able to placing the orders by running my HTML code on browser.

Now I am trying to run my HTML code through Webbrower component from my application winform. Its giving script error and landing the error on the line "Publisher URL". So, I could not complete my task.

I am using Form Load event to run my HTML Code as mentioned below

Dim assmbly As Assembly = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly()
Dim reader As New StreamReader(assmbly.GetManifestResourceStream("WebBrowser_HTML_File_VB.HTML.htm"))
WebBrowser1.DocumentText = reader.ReadToEnd()

Please find my HTML Code attached herewith for your reference. Please look into it, if I am doing anything wrong here or suggest me a better way to run my HTML code to run from Winform for placing orders.

Please suggest me on this issue to get resolved.

Thanks in advance.
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