BO Exit order got cancelled


I have placed BO order through python kiteConnect and first leg got executed and second leg (SL & Target) orders are opened. after some period of time i tried to exit the position with market price by calling exit_order function, but the second leg order got cancelled instead of exiting parent position. Now im unable to exit current position as well.

Please guide how to handle this situation?

Should i place modify_order with market price for OPEN order status? if so what will happen on Stop loss order with trigger pending. Kindly throw some clear light on this.
  • sujith
    You need to send order_id, parent_order_id and variety='bo' while exiting a bracket order position.
    The ideal behavior is one of the second leg order will be canceled and another one will be executed at the market.

    If you have an open position and second leg orders are canceled by mistake then immediately, you can take an opposite MIS position and contact support and inform RMS that you have exited already.
  • kbkvadivel
    @sujith So i can use exit_order function for exit my open position right to exit at market price? please confirm.
  • sujith
    You can check out this thread.
  • kbkvadivel
    @sujith also please suggest for cancelling BO orders which are not executed first leg itself? wat parameters i need to pass like variety, order_id etc ? same way like exit_order ? please confirm
  • sujith
    If the first leg is not executed then you need to send a cancel order request with order id and variety='bo'
  • kbkvadivel
    Thanks Sujit
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