historical data for commodities and currency pairing

i would like to know if i can pull ticker price and historical data for commodities and currency pairing ?
if yes how if no tell me how can i get it...
  • sujith
    We have continuous historical data for MCX instruments for around one year(day candles).
    We don't have continuous currency data.
  • ayyaz
    MCX at other intervals like minute , 3 minute 5 minutes etc. , you dont have ?
  • ayyaz
    i would like to know how to pull that data same APIs will work ? what to do with currancy any example for both ?
  • sujith
    We don't provide intraday data for expired instruments.
    You can check out documentation to fetch historical continuous data here.
  • ayyaz
    please try answer all queries in a single answer instead of short and fragmented info . i would like to pull tick by tick prices and historical candles for different intervals including minute , 3minute , 5 minutes , day .. along with buy and sell orders .. for commodities and currancy pairing , please give me solution , if possible example
  • ayyaz
    how can get their token id's for commodities like Curde oil , silver gold
    and currancy pairing
  • ayyaz
    API s are same for all?
  • sujith
    I am assuming currency pairing means USDINR18MARFUT like instruments.
    All the instrument tokens can be received from instrument dump.
    Yes, there is only one API for fetching historical data. You can check out documenation here.
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