URGENT: Get request token login Flow failing- Detailed screenshots inside.

MAG edited March 2018 in API clients
As far as the documentation goes, the only change to getting the request token is the addition of a v=3 param such that the url string reads as https://kite.trade/connect/login?v=3&api_key=xxx
However I am not getting the request token today. It is throwing a general exception.
Please find screenshots of the flow here
1. Log into developers.kite.trade

2. Enter the formatted URL string to fetch the request token.

3. instead of the request token, I get a generalexception that my callback cannot contain a colon.

  • razcads
    Most frustrating is none of the support even mentioned that Kite migration to Kite3 will break api code. This is ridiculous. Need an explanation here. What were u guys thinking?
  • razcads
    i am talking about kite website migration not api migration
  • rasp
    same error! what is the solution?
  • MAG
    Ok if multiple folks are getting same error, lets not post multiple queries and wait for the guys response on one thread.
  • Shaha
    I am not getting this issue as i m still at v2 in live. What do u guys feel, is v3 still not resilent to go live with? Any idea when will v2 be phased out?
  • razcads
    @Shaha u r not getting this issue coz u probably are the only one who has implemented login flow differently!
  • Shashwat
    Facing the same problem here as well.
  • rasp
    Why hasn't any support member replied yet! pls DON'T WASTE OUR DAY!
  • Shashwat
    Ya, this is really irritating. Support team is not responding!!
  • sujith
    @Shashwat, @MAG,
    You seem to have a space in the redirect URL. If you remove that it should start working.
  • Shashwat
    @sujith Thanks. It is working now.
  • MAG
    @sujith: yes its working now.

    What this means is that the redirect URL had a space for a couple of users. which shouldn't have been accepted in the first place. But then as a dev - been there done that myself.
    I understand that you guys have been cleaning up stuff and making things more reliable and robust. And this is the pain as a result of the shift.
    Cant really blame anyone for this. Just hoping that this is among the last of the issues I face. :-)

    Thanks Sujith.
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