Operation time out for LTP

Hello Kite API support Team,
I have no idea how you people published code which is not consistent directly in production without even informing to API holders, because of that frequently we are facing issues resultant we are loosing capital, API subscription days.

Now LTP has stopped working, it is not consistent at all.

It has become very hard to trust on Zerodha now.

The worst part is you people not even responding on serious topic, i have seen a trend like whichever topic you feel that it is easy to handle you give response or you leave as it is. As this is one way communication it has become annoying for us. Please try to feel our sentiments by putting yourself in our situation.
  • sujith
    The Kite Ticker issue has nothing to do with the migration. The issue should be resolved now. We are investigating the cause.
  • vishwash_yadav
    First of all thanx for quick response, but the matter of fact is every Monday we face problem.
  • Ajax
    @sujith what was the issue here.? Did it impact only equities or derivatives as well ?

    If there is a ticker issue , you should be broadcasting a notification to all API users because the strategies heavily rely on LTPs. If there was an issue, people can loose major capital because of wrong calculation. Please inform the users now so that they can accordingly choose to run or not run their strategies today.
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