Getting Invalid api_key error today for Publisher app

ishwarm edited March 2018 in Kite Publisher
On trying to connect to there is an InputException raised: "invalid api_key"

I have already checked that this Publisher app has status "Active" in . This was working fine until Friday. Please check.
  • cdesai1987
    I am getting this error:
    {"status":"error","message":"Invalid orders payload.","data":null,"error_type":"InputException"}
  • ishwarm
    Now, the login has started working again. But the quantities for commodities are not getting correctly set in the basket.

    On adding commodities , the quantity is being incorrectly set to the commodity multiplier value instead of the passed value.
    For e.g. , for NATURALGAS18APRFUT, if we set quantity to 1 in kite.add() , the quantity that shows up in the basket is 1250.
  • cdesai1987
    Check if Qty is not in string format
  • ishwarm
    @cdesai1987 , quantity as either string or integer did not work for commodities. Getting the same issue in both cases.
  • sujith
    Can you check now? This should be fixed.
  • ishwarm
    Yes @sujith , its working now. Thanks for the quick resolution!
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