Issues with Kite API-3

Hi Team,

On day-to-day basis, I place order using kite-api based on certain strategies. Today (Mar-26), we have face issues with Kite API especially API-3. Version-2 is working but version-3 is still down. (its already 12:30)

Could you tell when this issue be resolved.
  • sujith
    Can you elaborate the issue and let us know steps to reproduce the error?
  • MAG
    MAG edited March 2018
    Buddy, If you expect help, you need to be a bit more specific. What do you mean by down?
    Are you having login issues? Are you logged in but having issues with some api calls?
    Which version of the API are you using? Which language?
    Which call / module is failing.
    Can you paste the error message or the exception thrown?

    How can you expect help or resolution with a generic message like- "Version-2 is working but version-3 is still down"?
    No one can make out where you are facing an issue with that statement.
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