No price for NFO:HDIL18APR32.5PE


I am not getting price for NFO:HDIL18APR32.5PE

File "./", line 33, in
jsonSymb = quote['NFO:%s' % tradingsymbol]
KeyError: 'NFO:HDIL18APR32.5PE'

And many similar decimal strike products. Still it is intermittent but I can see that even KITE is not fetching market depth. So I suppose ... this is a major issue ...
  • abhivin123
    + @sujith I think this is happening for not actively traded products. But the response should be there ... and it seems this goes for infinite fetch to get the top of the book.
  • sujith
    Yes, API response will not have the key if there is no data. You need to first check for the key in the response and then parse it.
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