tick data to become free?


SEBI has decided to offer free tick by tick data what effect will it have on 2000 charge by zerodha?
  • nithin
    The data we provide - also called level 2 data, is different from tick by tick data. Check this for more.

    Also the 2000 charge is not for live data feed, it is for historical for backtesting.

    To consume tick by tick data, you need to have your servers co-located within the exchange because of the sheer amounts of data being sent. The real cost for TBT is being colocated - including server costs can be huge. The only thing with this circular is that Rs 1lk that currently is paid for TBT on colo, will now maybe be free.
  • prakash.jj
    prakash.jj edited April 2018
    @nithin don't know why you say 2000 is not for live data but for historic data. Aren't they 2 separate subscriptions. 2k for live data+ execution of orders and 2k for historic data?

    Or have you started giving both in just 2k?
  • archulysses
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    @nithin thanks, but please clarify prakash.jj's query.
  • unni
    @nithin Even Rs2000/m is not affordable to small scale investor like me.. it would be nice atleast if you can split 2000.. 1000 for data and 1000 for trading... because i dont do any automatic trading.. i only need live quotes... trades i execute in kiteweb...
  • sujith
    A member can only provide live market data to its clients.
    Kite Connect base subscription includes live market data. We don't charge extra for live market data.
    We only charge extra for candle data.
    As mentioned by @nithin the circular talks about the colo setup at the exchange. It doesn't change anything for retail investors.

    You can also check out another reply here.
  • pracas
    @sujith so is the live market tick data available through websocket for free? or do i need to pay for the api access??? all of a sudden my app has stopped working and it shows status as cancelled. when i created another app i dont have a secret key anymore? how will i authenticate through the api?
  • prakash.jj
    @sujith so order excution API is 2k with which u r giving live data free of cost. And another 2k for historic data.

    Is there a way I can get live data through API (as a Zerodha client) without subscribing for order execution API?
  • sujith
    @pracas, @prakash.jj,
    You need an active KiteConnect app subscription to use Kite Ticker. Live market feeds are free only if you have the base Kite Connect subscription.

    The above article talks about the colo setup only. A member/broker can only give live market data feeds to its clients and the only way ensure this is by authenticating the user.

    The upfront cost for colo setup is around 15 lakhs per annum. If you are interested, you can write a mail to tsiva(at)zerodha.com
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