Customise number of orders

Hello there.
While placing BO/CO can 'number of orders' be customised through a code? (Python)
Like 1 order to enter and 1 to exit in case of 5k quantity of a mid-cap stock with a good volume?

Thank you.
  • sujith
    This feature is not available in Kite Connect.
  • SerotoninC10H12N2O
    Thank you for the reply Sujith.
    Do you have any other information on this, anything anything at all? I searched all the threads but couldn't get anything. Any link? Any query, any reply? Anything that I can read. May be a workaround, bypass, anything.
  • Matti
    Hey @SerotoninC10H12N2O

    As Sujith has said, this isn't possible. The feature just doesn't exist. BO/Co order types were created by the OMS vendor and a means to limit the number of counter orders was never created. As such, it wouldn't be possible to do this at all.
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