Not able to login using version 3.0

Hello dear,

I am using Advance Rest Client to test the new version api i.e 3.0. I am trying to login with
url :-
Header :-
X-Kite-Version : 3

All the time it show api key not found, min length is 6

PFA for the same

  • sujith
    You seem to be sending params as query string which is wrong. All the POST requests are expected to send params in the body.
  • mastertrader21
    Dear ,

    I had tried the same what you had said me, that to but params in the body.
    But the same error I got i.e "message": "Missing or invalid field `api_key`. Min length is 6.".

    PFA for the same

    Can you give some example for api hitting via rest client.
    For e.g :-
    1. url :-
    2. body(in json) :- {"api_key":"xxx","request_token":"xxx":"checksum":"xxx"}
    3. Header :-
    i. X-Kite-Version : 3
  • sujith
    It's a form request, not JSON request.
  • mastertrader21
    please tell me the fastest medium to commuincate with you, as I put problem on today you reply me on tomorrow, I team member won't be able to wait for such a long time dear. I said "It's a form request, not JSON request.". I had ask for some e.g with screenshot, which JSON request. Please guide on urgent basis dear.
  • mastertrader21
    In my above screenshot 2 ,I had pass the JSON request only

  • zartimus
    Passing -d on curl means content-type should be set as application/x-www-form-urlencoded. But you are still setting content-type as application/json. Check if ARC supports importing curl request as it is. :)
  • mastertrader21
    Please tell me the fastest medium to communicate with you all guys
  • mastertrader21
    Thank you dear, I had resolve my issue, by put the application/x-www-form-urlencoded instead of application/json. In previous version i.e 2.0 I used to pass those urlencoded parameter in query string & it works, that is also mention in -d. Why the query string not working in V 3.0?
  • sujith
    The new Kite Trade is more robust everything is strictly defined now.
    Now all the requests are authenticated using authorization header. All POST requests are form requests and expect users to send params in the body.
    Only GET and DELETE will have params in the URL.
  • mastertrader21
    Ok ...thank you for valuable help dear
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