unknown instrument error

Guhan edited April 2018 in General
@sujith, I am getting unknown instruments error for below params, I am already doing eq trades, no problem with that but this is the first time I am placing futures order. So correct me

tradingsymbol = 'SBIN18MAYFUT'
exchange = 'NSE'
transaction_type = 'BUY'
quantity = 3000
price = 245
order_type = 'LIMIT'
squareoff = 247
stoploss = 243
validity = 'DAY'

  • sujith
    You need to pass exchange as NFO.
  • Guhan
    @sujith, what is the difference between exchange_timestamp and order_timestamp in orderbook??
  • sujith
    order_timestamp is the time at which the order was placed at OMS or order was modified at OMS or order was canceled at OMS.
    exchange_timestamp is the time at which order is placed at the exchange.
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