Exact meaning of buy_quantity, sell_quantity, volume and avg_price

The meanings of market data columns are given in the documentation at:
A small snippet is below:

But it is unclear as to what exactly these mean. Please see the the table below and help me address following queries:

1. Are buy_quantity and sell_quantity *traded* quantities or submitted orders?
2. Each of volume, buy_quantity and sell_quantity (from the large figures) look like cumulative since start of the day, is that true?
3. If the above is true and buy_quantity and sell_quantity should only increase? Why is it reducing in this small snippet?
4. Or are buy_quantity and sell_quantity adjusted for cancellations? Please give me exact definitions!
5. What exactly is average_price? If it is volume weighted average price of all the trades since morning then it should have more decimals then 2. Is it essentially rounded to two decimals after averaging?
  • sujith
    We get these data from the exchange and we just relay it whatever description we have has been documented.
  • sidverm
    So are you saying Zerodha has no idea about what exactly these column mean? I asked very specific questions, and the table is there to motivate why I got those doubts. Where do I go now to resolve this? To the exchange?
  • VarunAgw
    Bump. Want to know the same too.
  • vijoeyz
    1. buy_quantity and sell_quantity are summation of 5-level market depth. It says at a given point, how many top 5 buyers and sellers exist.

    2. Not entirely, only volume is cumulative.

    3. buy_quantity and sell_quantity increase or decrease based on market interest/trend

    4. Yes

    5. Not sure what the average_price is. Description is missing from the documentation! (@sujith)
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