Kite Publisher V3, Equity SL-M order

Hi, I played little around kite publisher v3. I can see stop loss order have a constraint around Trigger price like below for Equity orders
  1. For BUY order Price > Trigger Price
  2. for SELL order Price < Trigger Price
for SL-M Equity orders, the above rules are not working, ending with an error message like below

"RMS:Rule: Check Trigger price vs LTP for SL-M orders ,Trigger Price:293.00, LTP:295.25 for entity account-PR0916 across exchange across segment across product"

please clarify
  • Matti
    That would be because you're doing this the other way around. For a buy SLM order, Trigger > LTP and for sell, it's LTP > Trigger.
  • dhana916
    dhana916 edited April 2018
    Dear @Nikhil.A

    I got your point, could you expand little more on this. What makes difference to trigger price when we look at SL vs SLM.

    Please refer some articles/docs
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