Total Investments And Current Value - Mutual Funds Only

Hello Team,

If we go at "" zerodha shows very nice portfolio values related to mutual funds investments at the bottom. That shows:
1. Total Investments
2. Current Value
3. P&L

I need exactly the same values but there is no api exists as of now to fetch these. What would be the recommend and clean way to get these values for a user?

  • sujith
    You can fetch mutual funds holdings and sum up all the (average price * quantity) to get total investments.
    You can sum all the (LTP * quantity) to get the current value. P&L is the difference between these two values.
  • sss
    thanks for quick response, that's what I'm planning to do...wondering if we have some out of box api :)
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is purely an execution platform. We don't provide any solutions for writing strategies.
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