The issue is with the place_order(). Minimum arguments have been supplied but still it is showing the same error as shown below:
TypeError : place_order() takes at least 8 arguments (8 given).

Please help if anything is missed.
Thanks in advance.
  • zartimus
    @Kaps_Advisory Please provide the version of the api and code.
  • Kaps_Advisory
    Hey Zartimus,
    The version of the api is 3 and the code is this :
    order_id = kite.place_order(tradingsymbol="REL",exchange = kite.EXCHANGE_NSE,transaction_type = kite.TRANSACTION_TYPE_BUY,quantity = 10,order_type = kite.ORDER_TYPE_MARKET,product = kite.PRODUCT_NRML,disclosed_quantity = 20)

  • sujith
    You seem to be passing the wrong tradingsymbol.
  • Kaps_Advisory
    Hey Sujith,
    Have checked it with another symbol as well. The error is :
    File "", line 14, in
    order_id = kite.place_order(tradingsymbol="ACC",exchange = kite.EXCHANGE_NS
    E,transaction_type = kite.TRANSACTION_TYPE_BUY,quantity = 10,order_type = kite.O
    RDER_TYPE_MARKET,product = kite.PRODUCT_NRML,disclosed_quantity = 20)
    TypeError: place_order() takes at least 8 arguments (8 given)

    Please suggest.

  • akshay12489
    @Kaps_Advisory ,
    Did you find any solution for this? I'm facing the same issue.
  • sujith
    You seem to be missing some params check out pykiteconnect documentation.
  • Kaps_Advisory
    @akshay12489 No.. am still facing the same issue..
  • Kaps_Advisory
    @sujith... Checking it from the python doc.. have tried with lots of combinations.. ll check it with the provided doc.. Thanks
  • mohit77bansal
    Hi @Kaps_Advisory

    are you still facing this issue or have u solved it, if so, please let me know ?
  • ashish1216
    @Kaps_Advisory @mohit77bansal @akshay12489 There is one param named "variety=kite.VARIETY_REGULAR", which is necessary. after supplying this, issue will be solved. it can be BO, CO or regular. Hope it helps.
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