Kite 3: Expiry Field in Instruments - Datetime or String?

The expiry field in response to instruments call (python) is returning a datetime object as in, 5, 31)
However your documentation indicates a string. In previous kite version it used to be a string object.
What is the correct format string or datetime? Is the documentation in kite 3 wrong or?
  • sujith
    Are you referring to quote call or instrument dump?
  • razcads
    instrument dump
  • sujith
    The raw data will have a string like this '2018-07-26'. In pykiteconnect, all the dates are served as date object hence we have changed it to the date object.
  • razcads
    ok.. do change your documentation then. It states type is string. It should actually be a datetime object.
  • sujith
    Are you referring to API documentation or pykiteconnect documentation?
  • razcads
    pykiteconnect documentation
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