Can i subscribe 2000 instruements now?

Hi i received deadline email which mentioned "Subscribe to up to 2000 instruments on a single WebSocket connection". Can i subscribe upto 2000 instruments? Will you allow more in future?
What is maximum open websockets connection limit?
  • sgsaran
    No answer?
  • sujith
    Right now, you can open up to three connections per api_key and users can subscribe for up to 2000 instruments per connection.
    Soon we are planning to increase the number of instruments that can be subscribed to with one connection and reduce the number of connections per api_key.
  • sgsaran
    Ok fine. But please make available at least two connections to use in backup system.
  • sujith
    It makes sense. I will talk to the team and inform them to consider this point while implementing the rule.
  • sgsaran
    Thank you @sujith . Happy to hear that. :smile:
    How many connections are supported per api_key now ?

  • sujith
    A user can open up to 3 websocket connections with one api_key and can subscribe to 2000 instruments per connection.
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