Kite API change effects on trade using html

As it seems the last dead line to update kite API is 20th May 2018 do html users need to change or upgrade any thing too.
  • sujith
    Are you referring to Kite Publisher?
  • sujith
    The new Kite Publisher has a strict check for the number. If it is working for you then you don't need to make any changes.
    If it is broken then you need to make sure you send price and other fields as the number and not string.
  • jaydeepmore
    Thanks sir , I need another help can you give me a sample/example of following ->
    curl "" \
    -H "X-Kite-Version: 3" \
    -H "Authorization: token api_key:access_token"
    also can you explain me what is "token" in this case
  • sujith
    The Authorization: token are labels here and you need to enter values for api_key:access_token.
  • jaydeepmore
    ok thanks
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