Super Trend strategy buy and Sell Order for Intraday.

I want the approach to initiate Buy and Sell Order according to SuperTrend strategy. Please tell me the code to initiate Buy and Sell code.
  • sujith
    You can check out documenation here.
    You can also check out the examples on Kite Connect client's GitHub repository.
  • vadivel
    Hi Bhumi
    Hope by this time, you might acheived your requirement,
    Can you help me for the same ?
  • bhumi
    @vadivel We have done coding, but its not fulfill exact requirement. Still struggling to get the tick data, and automatic Buy/Sell order on the basis of SuperTrend and Renko Chart.
  • ramatius
    ramatius edited June 2018
    Supertrend strategies can be easily implemented in . You get full source code (Perl/Python). Your friends can also subscribe & auto-trade with your algo (you will have full visibility & control). If your strategy yields good backtest & livetest results, it may attract investments. Trade with any set of margin symbols across segments (CM, FNO, CDS, Commodities).
  • radharani1306
    @bhumi , could you please share me the sample code
  • suraj3003
    Dear @bhumi

    We can help you out with your above query, It is very much possible in our platform with more customizable options

    Kindly contact: [email protected]
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