kite 3 quote data issues

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Please check the output of quote api

kite.quote(["NSE:NIFTY 50"])

{'NSE:NIFTY 50': {'net_change': 23.299805, 'oi_day_low': 0, 'last_price': 10829.8, 'volume': 0, 'sell_quantity': 0, 'average_price': 0, 'buy_quantity': 0, 'ohlc': {'high': 10830.75, 'open': 10815.15, 'low': 10801.5, 'close': 10806.5}, 'last_quantity': 0, 'oi_day_high': 0, 'last_trade_time': '', 'oi': 0, 'depth': {'buy': None, 'sell': None}, 'instrument_token': 256265, 'timestamp': datetime.datetime(2018, 5, 14, 9, 54, 34)}}

@sujith : First of all, I want to know what this close data represents during market hours . I do understand that during market hours close data cannot be true. However, even post market hours this data is not getting refreshed and is returning junk values.

update: I faced this issue of 11th when the close data was not update. I had queried at around 5 pm.
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    @sujith Can you please check and respond on this ? Close data is still incorrectly being returned as 10806.5
    The data is wrong even on kite web ui.

    Update: On checking I found that nifty closed at 10806.6 , so close data seems to be correct.

    However, several instrumnets are not returning the correct values


    {'NSE:ASIANPAINT': {'last_price': 1297.35, 'net_change': 10.900024, 'volume': 1553283, 'average_price': 1288.6, 'last_quantity': 1, 'instrument_token': 60417, 'timestamp': datetime.datetime(2018, 5, 14, 15, 59, 48), 'sell_quantity': 0, 'depth': {'buy': [{'quantity': 274, 'price': 1297.35, 'orders': 9}, {'quantity': 0, 'price': 0, 'orders': 0}, {'quantity': 0, 'price': 0, 'orders': 0}, {'quantity': 0, 'price': 0, 'orders': 0}, {'quantity': 0, 'price': 0, 'orders': 0}], 'sell': [{'quantity': 0, 'price': 0, 'orders': 0}, {'quantity': 0, 'price': 0, 'orders': 0}, {'quantity': 0, 'price': 0, 'orders': 0}, {'quantity': 0, 'price': 0, 'orders': 0}, {'quantity': 0, 'price': 0, 'orders': 0}]}, 'ohlc': {'open': 1285, 'low': 1268.6, 'close': 1286.45, 'high': 1305}, 'buy_quantity': 274, 'oi_day_high': 0, 'oi_day_low': 0, 'last_trade_time': datetime.datetime(2018, 5, 14, 15, 56, 40), 'oi': 0}}

    ASIANPAINT closed at 1,298.40 according to google and its last price in 1297.35 in kite web ui
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    AXISBANK has 553.3 as close data. In reality it is 551.10 and that is the last price in kite web watcher as well .

    Problems seems to be with all the stocks.
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    @sujith @vivek : can I expect a response on this ?
  • sujith
    We are looking into this.
  • Ajax
    @sujith @vivek : Any update ? It has been 2 days.
  • sujith
    Kite will show the data that is received in the last tick during market. Are you comparing values after 04:30 PM?
  • Ajax
    Yes. You can run your quote API right now and check the close price to reproduce.
  • sujith
    This is because post-market data is not streamed by the exchange. We are working on integrating this into our system.
    Kite will show the last tick data received during the market for now.
  • Ajax
    @sujith @vivek : this doesnt make any sense. If close price was the last tick you received (as you are saying), then this data would be correct. However, the current close price is some random data that stays as is for the complete day. Plesse fix it.
  • sujith
    We don't get the tick for the adjusted close price. Hence we don't have data in Kite Ticker.
    We will have to add a new feature to Kite Ticker to show adjusted close price. We will add it to our list.
  • conquistadorjd
    By when you will add this feature ? getting stock split and bonus adjusted historic price will be helpful to traders.
  • sujith
    This thread is about the live market data. Please create a new thread for different queries.
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