How to extract the buying volume and sell volume from volume attribute in a tick

I have subscribed for few instruments and I am recieving the ticks in real time(which is a delay of 2-3 sec) from live data in NSE.
Anyhow, my quote mode is full, and within the ticks, I see an attribute with a name called "volume", which is the number of quantities the instrument traded.

My question is, how can I further subdivide the volume to get the numbers of trades bought and sold.
  • sujith
    @sashiks1009 Not sure what you're comparing against to determine that latency. Far as I can tell, there isn't such latency in the websocket ticks. As long as there is a change in any of the tick params, a new packet is broadcasted.

    As for buying/selling volume, the 'volume' parameter basically indicates traded volume, which means someone bought and someone sold. There's no such thing as separate buying/selling volume.
  • sashiks1009
    @sujith : then how are the candles prepared in the chart in Kite3 UI?
  • Matti
    @sashiks1009 A red candle is formed when the open of the candle is higher than the close and vice versa for the green.
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