Previous one minute data

Hi Team, Is there any way to get previous minute open high low close data into Excel.

For eg at 10:00 AM the values should be of 09:59 AM and at 10:01 AM all values should be updated to values of 10:00 AM.? Hope you understand my request..
  • HowUTrade

    You need to use Historical data for that.
    If you want to compute OHLC from live quotes, you need to write your own wrapper in VBA to store the data in text files or MS access database and calculate OHLC.
  • tradematic
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    Thanks for turnaround.. I dont want to store anything.. i just want to fire orders based on previous minute values. I built a system to fire orders when a particular scenario happens. for that i just need previous one min data in a row. i cant change the row every min. so i need values of OLHC for previous min in a row which should update every minute in the same row..

    If you have any VBA code to achieve this, please do share.. Thanks in advance...
  • Shaha
    You said "i cant change the row every min." --> You can if u write a simple VBA code
  • tradematic
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    @Shaha @HowUTrade

    Please refer the screenshot for better understanding of my requirement. Please guide me how to acheive this.

    For Column G and J.. i will write actual formulas once i get desired numbers in other columns.. :)

  • aakash
    You can use Pi software, and you can get live data by simply exporting your marketwatch into excel. Hope that can solve your query.
    Hi team, i want to have 1 min backfilling type ieod data in excelthrough vba
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