How can I fire a cover order with stoploss?

Kite example has no reference to SL. How can i include SL as well here? Here is trigger price same as the current market price??

OrderParams orderParams = new OrderParams();
orderParams.price = 0.0;
orderParams.quantity = 1;
orderParams.transactionType = Constants.TRANSACTION_TYPE_BUY;
orderParams.orderType = Constants.ORDER_TYPE_MARKET;
orderParams.tradingsymbol = "SOUTHBANK"; = Constants.EXCHANGE_NSE;
orderParams.validity = Constants.VALIDITY_DAY;
orderParams.triggerPrice = 30.5;
orderParams.product = Constants.PRODUCT_MIS;

Order order11 = kiteConnect.placeOrder(orderParams, Constants.VARIETY_CO);
  • sujith
    Kite Connect supports only two types of cover order, one is MARKET entry type and LIMIT entry type.

    If you are referring to second leg order then the system will take care of placing the second leg order. You don't have to place it.

    The trigger price you enter is for stop-loss in the above request. You need to make sure you send the value within the trigger range. You can check out example file in the javakiteconnect repository to fetch the trigger_range.
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