Help needed - Kite connect API server location

Hi, I am looking to deploy an algo platform based on KiteAPI. This can scan on a few hundred select stocks and run highly multi-threaded computations on the incoming tick data. While, I am in the process of developing strategies on this platform I have, need inputs to decide on my deployment location. Where is the KiteAPI server located? I am trying to figure out a geo-graphically closer location for a lower latency. My choice of cloud platform and region would be based on the kite server location.
  • rasp
    rasp edited May 2018
    from where are u getting tick by tick data? Zerodha doesnt provide tick by tick data
    @rasp I have seen in the documentation that web socket live streaming will send the equity details like MODE_LTP, MODE_QUOTE, or MODE_FULL data upto 2000 equities on live
    Is that right ?
  • rasp
    yes, but you will not get tick by tick as they only show last traded price stored in their server. and with their recent upgrade to Kite3 im getting rate limited even when i make 2 requests in LTP mode and doc shows i can make 10 ltp requests in a sec.
  • sujith
    If you are developing a platform then I would suggest writing a mail to talk(at) with some details about your platform just to check if compliance wise everything is fine.
  • prkarthikeyan
    @PRCHAKR , I rely on the same. @rasp, second wise data from kite is what I am trying to rely on. I am able to track the movement atleast per second basis. It works on a even based mechanism with each tick symbol handed over to a worker thread for a parallel computation.
  • prkarthikeyan
    @sujith, sure. At present no idea of making it open as I am still in the phase of analysis and testing. I may run as a read-only user for some time before I test my strategies do see if they really make sense.
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