BO status and modification

Is it possible to enquire list of open orders, status of them using publisher?

Using parent order id, can the multi legged BO orders be modified using publisher?
  • sujith
    The Kite Publisher doesn't have access to any of the user's data. It is just a javascript buttons to place orders.
    In order to access any user data, you need a Kite Connect app.
  • mmks
    Got it. If I can get the parent order id manually, can i modify all connected BO using publisher in one go? I mean, without manually modifying numerous BO orders generated due to volume splits.

    Upon successful placement of order, will publisher return the order ID or just status of order?
  • sujith
    Kite Publisher doesn't support order modification. The user will have to use Kite Web or mobile to modify the order.
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