How to use zstreamingquote

I just started with zstreamingquote
Installation guide is very clear & I am able all Dependencies & complied successfully (Not even single issue faced)

Also installation "java -jar .\target\ZStreamingQuote-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar > .\target\ZStreamingQuoteLogs.txt" is completed.

But I am unable to follow further phases,
How to I get live OHLC data ?
If I start the zstreamingquote process, will it store 1 min OHLC in MySQL ?
Do I need eclipse or any JAVA IDE to ?

If we have some architecture image or step by step guide then I would be great.

Anyone can help on this ?
  • rayi
    Well clearly the repo is not maintained and also do-not use a wrapper like this.
    what repo ? what wrapper ? Be specific
  • sujith
    zstreamingquote is not an official wrapper. It was done by one of the users but I am not sure if it supports Kite Ticker 3.
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