How to place Bracket Order with market price?

Hi @sujith,
1) How can I place BO with market price?
Taking the kite provided example, I see the price provided as an absolute value. Can this be given zero? Problem with giving a higher price is that it requires an extra effort to decide on how higher the price should be given.
2) Looking at below example, I am assuming that it would square off at 33.5/- Is that right?

OrderParams orderParams = new OrderParams();
orderParams.quantity = 1;
orderParams.orderType = Constants.ORDER_TYPE_LIMIT;
orderParams.price = 30.5;
orderParams.transactionType = Constants.TRANSACTION_TYPE_BUY;
orderParams.tradingsymbol = "SOUTHBANK";
orderParams.trailingStoploss = 1.0;
orderParams.stoploss = 2.0; = Constants.EXCHANGE_NSE;
orderParams.validity = Constants.VALIDITY_DAY;
orderParams.squareoff = 3.0;
orderParams.product = Constants.PRODUCT_MIS;
Order order10 = kiteConnect.placeOrder(orderParams, Constants.VARIETY_BO);
  • sujith
    Bracket order supports only limit and stop-loss entry type. It doesn't support market order type. You will have to enter the price above LTP to buy at market price.
    Yes, square off, stop-loss and trailing stop-loss are entered in points. In the above example, if the order gets executed at Rs 30.5 then square off order will sit with limit price 33.5
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