CO Order stop loss

is possible to "CO" order in set stop-loss like "BO" order in number like 1,2,3 instead of share price descending value.i know your answer no,but you have any idea related.

suppose "TCS" share price 2500 .I want TCS share buy on market price.My order hit time share price 2505.Mean "CO" order Execute 2505 for TCS share.but my target maximum get loss only 10 point,so how set stop limit in point instead share price value. in current case i need to set TCS Stop loss hard code form 2495,

My Problem is that i know which share i want to /sell,but i have no current value of i want to share any cost of market price but with stop loss.
please reply with code example if possible.
  • Matti
    So, the CO/BO product types were built by Omnesys (now Thomson Reuters). BO was essentially an upgrade to CO and hence has the ability to dynamically place SL/target based on the actual entry price. This is possible because the second leg of the BO is placed after the first leg is executed. For CO, however, both legs are placed simultaneously, so what you're asking wouldn't be possible.
  • BulkDealAlert
    user not enabled on the app kite authorized
    when my api to allow other my any client than show this error,work for me but for other its not working.
  • BulkDealAlert
    i have 50 client that using my service.How to it work.Please explain with example .how to enable all my users for auto trading using my api to allow all user in single step.
  • sujith
    By default, all Kite Connect apps are single user app. You can write to talk(at) with details about your platform and ask for multi-user access someone from our team will get back to you.
  • BulkDealAlert
    But I need multi user support,Why i am buy every user for API key.This is not correct way provide by kite.
    Please provide another way how to auto trade my all user to my account API key.
    First you provide costly API key.
    Second single user support.
    No Testing for provide any key.
    final any time upgrade version without info 5 day not use API bcz sudden remove old version.
    Please provide suitable way to resolved this problem.I am waiting your reply.
    I need single API to multi user support.if you not provide that type things than you should provide bcz without it not important your API.Why i am using for self my service.My service for my users use. so please think about and my 2000 money value.
  • BulkDealAlert form fill but not reply until.
  • BulkDealAlert
    No response to,Please help.My Key Expire after 4 days,I have limited day for testing.I want testing for multi user.I am waiting your reply.
  • BulkDealAlert
    Please say your team to contact me and start ASAP access for multi user support for my API key.
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    Please reply. its urgent.
  • sujith
    We are a part of the technical team. We don't deal with compliance related queries. You can write to the compliance team on talk(at)
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