List of Stocks eligible for a) Bracket Order, b) Cover Order c) blocked for MIS trading

order got rejected with following error "RMS:Blocked for nse_cm MATRIMONY-EQ BO block type: ALL". I checked in and it was eligible for MIS trading.
Can you please let me know the reason. If there is a separate list being maintained for stocks blocked for BO/CO, please help with the same.
Also, would be great if you can put a single list/API which our program can fetch and figure out eligibility for BO, CO, MIS, margin etc.
  • sujith
    We don't have a predefined list which is allowed delivery trades and intraday trades. RMS does these changes during the day because there was an exchange circular, there is high liquidity, circuit limits, and many more reasons.
    This is more like an operational hassle.
    We will speak to RMS and OMS team to come up with a feasible solution.

    The MATRIMONY is allowed for MIS with 3x margin but not for BO/CO.
  • naz

    My simple issue is - how do I know before placing a BO order for "MATRIMONY" that "BO" order is allowed for "MATRIMONY" ?
    If there is no way for me to know that orders placed by me are/are not allowed by zerodha/RMS, then I am just shooting in the dark and praying that this order gets through the zerodha's RMS/OMS.
    Basically, my whole position sizing and risk management goes for a toss and it becomes like a gamble to me.

    I really appreciate all the hardwork that zerodha (and especially your team) is doing but frankly, it doesn't make sense to me that we don't have a list of stocks which are allowed for BO.

    I understand that zerodha doesn't maintain a a dynamic list/API of securities blocked for BO, CO, MIS oders for various reasons. But could you please help me with the list of securities blocked for BO before the day opens (similar to MIS). That would be helpful in the meantime.
    Thanks in advance.
  • sujith
    You can expect to get a list at the opening of the day and think that it will be allowed for trading in MIS whole day.
    It is updated during the day also. We will look into this.
  • rupreetg
    @sujith any update on this? how would I know that if a particular stock can be used in my BO? Is there a list or anything that I can query/look/call that will give me which stocks can be traded in BO.
  • sujith
    You can check out margins file as mentioned here.
    But this file might be updated during the day also. We are talking to RMS and process teams to come up with a feasible solution. It is a complex process which will take time. A feasible solution as of now is to check the instruments margins API which is mentioned in the above thread.
  • MadanGoyal
    MadanGoyal edited October 2018
    @sujith any progress on this issue? There is a list given at but it does not provide F&O scrips that are blocked for any particular reason. Is there any other list?
    Also is there any API to fetch a list of stocks (NSE+NFO) that are banned so that we can know in advance whether to trade that particular scrip in NSE or a particular series in NFO?
  • sujith
    sujith edited October 2018
    We don't have API for that as of now. You can use the same google sheet to track equity instruments and for banned F&O instruments you can check out this link
  • Anupk75
    What is the reason and solution's on this
  • sujith
    Hi @Anupk75,
    It is decided by the RMS team you can contact support and speak to RMS team to know the reason.
    The solution is to place a delivery trade as suggested in the status message.
  • chandrak
    Almost 70% orders are being rejected :'( if this is not possible throuch API, atleast you can allow downlading spreadsheet with all this information so that we can wirte a program to read from it before client can use the software. Right now its online document and difficult for scrapping.
  • sujith
    You can check out the spreadsheet link on the top of the table here.
    You can also know more about the operational updates here.
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