BO order not taking stoploss and target price not taking as entered.

When i enter my desired target and stop loss your system takes max permitted price of stop-loss and target.
@sujith Please look into it.
Find attached images.

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  • raminde
    I guess You should put 2.55 as stop loss and 3.45 as target values to attend the same
  • programmer

    Can you show me any example...

    Check this..

    9.PNG 27.1K
    10.PNG 21.6K
  • Matti
    Hey @programmer, for SL & target, the values are relative to the entry price, so if your entry is 61.55 and you want SL and target to be 59 and 65 respectively, enter 2.55 & 3.45.
  • programmer
    programmer edited June 2018
    @Nikhil.A @raminde we have to put absolute price or tick value.. and also stoploss and target cannot be place below 1 i.e 0.6 0.9

    Ok done .. understood.. it takes amount of stoploss

    Please close this discussion.
  • sujith
    You need to enter squareoff, stop-loss and trailing stop-loss values in points that is the price difference between your expected values and LTP.
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