Where are your servers located? Which region should i host my code for least latency?

Where are your servers located?
In other words, which region should i host my code for least latency? Mumbai? Bangalore?

By Latency I mean, latency between My server and Brokers's server(Zerodha) that is accepting the order placing requests.

Similarly, for receiving tick data from you, which is the ideal region to host my server, so that the tick reception is quick?
Is your tick broadcasting server and order processing server the same?
  • Vivek
    For api calls the delay will be negligible wherever you host it in India because the API is behind Cloudflare and Cloudflare latency might overshadow the latency between regions. For WebSocket you can host it in AWS Mumbai since our infra is also in same network.
  • vineet_dhandhania
    @vivek : Since ticks received on WebSocket will usually be processed to generate trade triggers, the WebSocket and the strategy implementation code (which will make API requests) will both be best hosted in AWS Mumbai, right?
  • samirkelekar
    Would it be possible to get Cloudfare to host its ddos protection on an Indian IP address. That way, the delay can be reduced. Currently, I guess every order first goes to Cloudfare hosted in the US and so the delay will be high.

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