What is Redirect URL and Postback URL

I am completely new here. Can someone guide me what is Redirect URL and Postback URL.
Also please guide me how can i start creating my strategy.
  • rakeshr
    Hi @ankur19 ,
    Go through API documentation to get clear understanding of flow, visit this link.
  • Imran
    hi @ankur19
    redirect url is the url where we get the request token.

    to start creating your strategy you can
    1. choose a language from Python, Java , PHP , NodeJS , C# , Net Rust in which you are comfortable
    2. learn how the authentication of the api works.... and go fully through the documentation https://kite.trade/docs/connect/v3/
    3. in documentation you can find the basic structure for the strategy coding... (like login, tick data retrieval,order placement ,backtest)
    4. parse the data you need
    5. get the mathematical formula for your strategy
    6. incorporate that formula with the basic structure.
    7. run it live
    8. remove errors

    also to shorten the process you can just hire a developer...
    if latter the case
    ping us on
    [email protected]
  • ankur19
    Thanks for reply
    Where code will run on zerodha server?
  • Imran
    the code shall run locally on your computer
    you can also use services like AWS(amazon web services) if you want your code to run on a server.
  • ankur19
    @Imran how much cost for you for just setup application and deploy on AWS. You should also teach me how to deploy on AWS so i can deploy in future. I will do code for strategy.
  • Imran
    hi @ankur19
    please mail the inquiry to [email protected]
  • cdesai1987
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